NMove ONLine (livestream)


From the Pilates studio L’Atelier in Saanen to your living room!

Through our screens, I offer movement sequences based on the Pilates method, embellished by other forms of movement, which considers the most recent knowledge on the functioning of the human body in movement. On your mat, comfortably installed in your home, you let yourself be guided in this practice, listening to your sensations and exploring your body in all its dimensions.

At the end of the 55'session you will feel physically invigorated, and will obtain this feeling of well-being and relaxation where body and mind are one.
All you need is a body, a mat in a comfortable and quiet place, a screen and an internet connection.


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ONLine courses are for everyBODY curious and keen to move.

It is with a holistic vision of the human being, by applying the latest knowledge on the neuro-myo-fascial system and its impact on movement, that I support my clients in their well-being and towards their goal, through different forms of movement, especially with the Pilates method. I’ve been bringing all of these concepts into my lessons for several years and I’m impressed with the progress my participants are making to see how bodies change, become more flexible, more mobile and more resilient.


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The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.